Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Go To Sea Young Man 7"x5" #7

Yesterday was one of those days when I was filled with doubt about what I am doing and asking myself, am I insane for trying to make art my life? Some days it does seem like it would be easier to go back to being an insurance agent even if I did hate almost every minute of the last seven years being one. Everyone needs insurance but no one likes the fact they have to have it. Anyway, I solved my dilemma by hiding under a blanket on the couch, eating mini Reese's cups, and watching cartoons with the cats. Plus it was cold here in Texas and the laundry room/studio is not plugged into the central heating yet.

So, I had my day and today came back into the 50 degree studio with new resolve and number 7 is the result. I enjoyed letting some of the black gesso undercoat bleed through. It was fun to experiment with brush strokes as well. So what it comes down to, painting in a 50 degree studio is a lot more fun that sitting in a dull grey cubicle with people yelling at me. Problem solved.


  1. Wow! I hate to be repetitive but I LOVE this! The colors are perfect! And the brushstrokes really expressive! I like to think you made the right choice in careers!

  2. Lee, I am glad you came back to the cold studio (no mouse?) this is great, love the brushstrokes, and your color choices, how the beach color fades towards the water....

  3. Thank you both so much! I look forward to reading your comments after I try a new painting. After doing this one I sat back and said, hmmm, maybe I am learning a little bit.

    Afraid the mouse is still around. Only room in the house that doesn't have cats in it 24/7 and I have a mouse! So not fair. I don't think I would enjoy the cats chasing it through my house though Shelley. Eeeekkk.