Thursday, November 18, 2010

Out of Step 6x8

I loved doing this painting. This poor little guy could not keep up with his friend who was walking rather fast along the beach. At one point the little fellow was walking on his front legs trying to keep up! I fretted about doing the dog because he was only about an inch high on the canvas. You should have heard the talk I had with myself about that. It went along the lines of, "Are you crazy? How are you going to paint an inch high dog and still make it look like a dog?!!!". Yeah I tend to talk to myself while painting. In the end it was the blue jeans that made me nuts with all their folds and shades. I tend to get too caught up in details when I really just want to paint very loosely.

I'm still working on learning cropping and photo shopping so this may lean toward the red a little but it's fairly accurate though the water is actually darker than it looks here. My guy and I love the beach and one of the things I enjoy is taking pictures of people and their dogs as they walk on the beach or play in the surf. I do tend to take the picture with the dog's perspective in mind.

1 comment:

  1. I really love this painting.
    I'm a dog owner and this situation is familiar to me!
    Good luck in all you do,
    Mike C