Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Current Work next step


I've now started to fill in the figures. I have a great deal of work to do on the blue shirt and the exposed flesh. I also have yet to fill in the chairs. I'm satisfied with the shadow color but need to work the seagulls into the space on the left to balance the painting out. It is progressing but much slower than anticipated. I'm getting happy with the figure on the far right. I will probably need to calm down the color of the water as it's far too green. We'll see how it all ends up!


  1. Hi, Lee, I hope your holidays are peaceful!

    This is an interesting painting in progress! My only comment is that maybe the shadows are too black? If you look at shadows while you're actually at the beach, there are often other colors/light, etc. reflected into them. And the edges are a bit softer perhaps. And the "holes" in the shadows are a bit light just yet. Like sky holes in trees, the color should be a bit darker.

    Since you mentioned this is a work in progress, I hope you don't mind my comments too much! I do love the beginnings!

  2. Hi Shelley! Nice to hear from you. I appreciate your suggestions and I know the shadows are now too dark. You can't see the blue or green I used in them at all. They were too light and now they are too dark so hopefully I can reach a happy medium. I'm trying to keep the colors really clear so I'm doing it in steps to hopefully offset the colors becoming blended mud. I hate when that happens! I hope you are doing great and having a blast this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!